Hiking the Santa Rosa Mountains

For the vast majority of us, the Palm Springs desert connotes a quite certain, truly serious picture of hard-managing investors, maturing divas, incomprehensibly costly and very much kept fairways, insane manors, and another top of the line land. Yet, Riverside and San Diego regions additionally play host to probably the most assorted climatic and ecological zones in the nation. In some cases bumpy, now and then desert, settled between the Coachella and Colorado River Valleys, and between La Quinta toward the north and Anza Borrego Desert State Park toward the south, you can discover the absolute generally lovely and testing territory – regularly, only minutes from the urban areas and rural areas.

Inside the National Monument locale – which contains both the Santa Rosa Wilderness and the San Jacinto zone northward – the California Bureau of Land Management considers the Santa Rosas everything east of Palm Canyon, as the landscape moves from mountain to abandon. The Northern range lies between that Palm Canyon gap and Highway 74, while the southern range runs from Highway 74 to the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. 

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