The British Shorthair Is a Round-faced ‘Teddy Bear Cat’

Do British Shorthairs Have Roman Roots? 

A 2007 hereditary qualities study asserted that the training of felines may have started 12,000 years back when wooly mammoths despite everything drew breath. Your current pet store assortments are totally plunged from the Felis silvestris wildcat, a species whose local range includes quite a bit of Africa, Asia, and Europe. Being effective predators, these furballs engaged early ranchers, who required bug controllers to keep mice and betrays of grain stores.

Felines were worshipped in ancient Egypt, and the Roman Empire additionally had a lot of cat enthusiasts. Housecats are delineated in mosaics which endure the emission of Mount Vesuvius in 79 C.E. what’s more, Agathias, a sixth-century antiquarian, kept at any rate one. 

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